Summer Marquee Wedding | Holly and Kyle

Holly and Kyles spectacular summer wedding under a Sperry tent in Oxfordshire

Suffolk Wedding Photographer | Anna and Tom

A fun and emotional marquee wedding set in a stunning spot in the Suffolk countryside

Pippa and Mark’s Autumn Oxfordshire Wedding

Some days it rains, but the show must go on... After a sunny week, it was raining when I arrived in Oxfordshire to document Pippa and Mark's garden wedding, the weather looked like it was settling in for the day. After capturing the last of the girl's preparations and the boys lunch at the local pub I joined the guests at the packed St Marys in Sydenham to wait for Pippa's arrival in her dad's v ...

Spring wedding photography – Rosalind and William

A country wedding in Norfolk The last of my spring weddings, Ros and Will's day was set in a most unusual location - a grain storage barn on Will's parents home farm. It had been transformed inside to make a fantastic venue for their reception, although the low light levels did make their wedding photography a little challenging! After a lovely service at the much more well lit St Peters church ...

Spring Wedding Photography – Victoria and Ross

It's not that often I'm asked to stay right to the end of a wedding, but when the wedding is as action packed as this one I'm really glad Victoria and Ross asked me to. It's also unusual I work with a second photographer as well and I couldn't ask for a better one than my wife Suzanne. It was all looking a bit grey and chilly when we split up in the morning to cover the final preparations bu ...

A Guernsey Wedding – Jessica and Andrew

It must be pretty tough to get lost on an island five miles wide eh? If you're travelling to Guernsey think again! After landing on Friday, my first thought was to go recce Jessica's parents place and the church - I pretty soon realised that Guernsey postcodes don't match up to real world locations on a map ... after driving around for a couple of hours I gave up and retired to my hotel (thankfull ...

The Prince and Princess of Cromer – Helen and Sean

An epic summer's wedding day in North Norfolk