Framlingham Wedding Photography

One of the largest unknowns as a wedding photographer is whether you’re going to click with your clients. Most of my clients book without meeting me first, based on the images they’ve seen here on my site.  So meeting either at their wedding or just before is always a bit nerve wracking even after all the weddings I’ve photographed.  Anna and Tom and I clicked immediately when we met …over metal detecting – make that The Detectorists.  It’s a BBC comedy show I’ve enjoyed over the last couple of years and when I met Anna and Tom for a coffee in Framlingham in Suffolk a few weeks before their wedding I discovered from them that it’s filmed right there in Framlingham. In fact they were filming the third series there that day!  So there you go, connection made over an obscure BBC comedy show.  If you’ve not seen The Detectorists, make sure to look it up, it’s great!

To the wedding day, and as is often the case during a British summer wedding some rain was forecast, fingers crossed it was only going to be during the ceremony and we had a large church to keep us dry there.  Anna and her (many) bridesmaids were getting ready nearby in a B&B in Peasenhall and the sun was still shining.  It wasn’t long before all the girls were ready and I was off to Framlingham church and into the rain.  The boys were well armed at the church with umbrellas to help the guests and Tom had them organised into an efficient crew.

Wedding ceremony at St Michaels, Framlingham

It wasn’t too long before Anna and the girls arrived and it was into Framlingham church under umbrellas for the wedding proper.  Thanks to a photo-friendly vicar I was able to get some great angles in the church, while the guests enjoyed her creative ceremony.  The heavens smiled on Anna and Tom as they left the church, the rain finished for the day and we were able to hop out of the vintage Morgan wedding car in the lanes behind Framlingham Castle for a few shots before heading over to Tom’s parents for their marquee reception.

A marquee reception in the Suffolk countryside

A lot of work had been put into creating the perfect reception spot in a family field opposite Tom’s parent’s home and the marquee looked great next to the pond and bathed in sunshine, quite some difference to wet start to the day.  After some drinks in the sun, it was into the marquee for the wedding breakfast, started with some very emotional, really heartfelt and funny speeches.  Sometime later we were able to sneak out into the setting sun for some portraits before the evening started.  It was a perfect Suffolk summer wedding.  Congrats Anna and Tom!


coat hanger for the wedding dress with the brides name on it the bride applies her makeup in the mirror a bridesmaid blow the brides makeup off all the bridesmaids trying to use the same mirror a bridesmaid prepares her dress the bridesmaids put their dresses on the bride takes down her dress from the window the bride laughs with her bridesmaids father of the bride sees his daughter for the first time and then laughs with her the groom greets guests in framlingham church groomsmen shelter from the rain in the church porch the groom reads a farming magazine in framlingham church groomsmen wait under umbrellas in framlinghams main street the bridemaids arrive in the rain a groomsman offers his umbrella to the bride the bride walks through the rain into her framlingham wedding the bride is greeted by her mother in the church porch the bridesmaids walk down the aisle the bride and her father walk down the aisle tom greets anna at the front of framlingham church a framlingham church wedding shot from the rear a bridesmaid reads while the bride and groom look on bride and groom exchange rings in framlingham church the bridesmaids smile at the bride the bride and groom share a moment bride and groom sign the register in framlingham church the blessing during a framlingham wedding bride a groom smile as they walk down the aisle the wedding car outside framlingham church bridesmaids wait to throw confetti tom an anna walk through the confetti a bridesmaid waits to leave in the vintage wedding car bride and groom in their vintage wedding car the wedding cars leaving framlingham church bride and groom pose with framlingham castle in the background tom and anna pose with their vintage morgan wedding car a vintage morgan drives along a lane behind framlingham castle trees inside the marquee at a suffolk wedding more detail inside the marquee flags hanging inside a suffolk wedding marquee guests enjoying the champagne reception two guests drinking and laughing some wedding guests laugh at a another guest a wedding guest spills drink on herself the bride and groom arrive at their reception guests welcome the bride and groom to their reception guests chat at a summer suffolk wedding a bridesmaid talks to a grandmother guests chat at a suffolk marquee wedding guests talk to the bride a marquee wedding in suffolk reflected in the pond a guest facepalms guests sit for the wedding breakfast bride and groom walk into the marquee the bride is greeted by guests the grooms father laughs with the wedding guests bride and groom talk with the wedding guests the groom talks to the bride's mother the bride takes a selfie with the guests the brides father starts his speech at a suffolk marquee wedding the bride smiles at her father the brides father gets emotional during the speeches the grooms parents listen to the speeches bride and groom exchange bites of their wedding cake the grooms speech guests laugh at the grooms speech the grooms father laughs during his sons speech the bride smiles at the groom the brides sister speaks the best mens speech the best men speak at a suffolk marquee wedding bride and groom laugh during the best mens speech bride and groom pose on the jetty a bride a groom silhouette against a suffolk summer sunset lovely evening light for a bride and groom portrait evening guests arrive at a suffolk summer wedding bride and groom have their first dance best men dance during the first dance bride and groom spin on the dancefloor a beautiful summers evening outside the wedding marquee guests take selfies on the dancefloor inside the marquee in the evening guests dance a suffolk wedding marquee on a summers evening


These are great photos, Duncan! I love your work, always have done. You’re an inspiration, thank you.