Cambridge Engagement Photographer

‘I hate having my photo taken’ is a phrase I hear often from my clients.  Very often !

Anna and Steve were no exception, the first couple of minutes after I met them in a chilly Cambridge were spent telling me quite how much they disliked it …

I said what I’ve realised I say to pretty much everyone in pretty much any situation – ‘you’ll be fine’.  And they were.  We took a leisurely stroll around the streets of Cambridge and the colleges and not only did they get over their fear of the camera, they did it very much in public.  Looking forward to seeing you again at your wedding in May guys !


anna and steve engagement photos in cambridge sitting in a cambridge coffee shop february engagement photos in cambridge a cyclist rides by laughing in the middle of a cambridge street engagement photos in a cambridge college near the bridge of sighs in cambridge a college cuddle in february engagement photography in a cambridge college


Fab photos, they are a ‘natural’ in front of the camera, you’d never believe they found it hard. But a lot of that is due to you- great at putting people at ease.

Refreshing and totally natural images.

Wedding Photographer Cheshire

Wow, love these images, there so creative, love the shot of the woman on the bike & the couple in the background, Stunning work, Steve & Sandra.

Really amazing work here… love the way how you frame your photographs!