Just half an hour from home last Saturday for Jessica and Philip’s Elms Barn wedding.  After the girls preparations in the bridal suite at the Elms I hopped on their vintage routemaster with the bridesmaids for the quick hop over to the bright and airy St. Andrews in the grounds of Raveningham Hall.

After the service it was back on the bus to the Elms.  Actually it was on the bus, then off the bus so it could clear the entrance gate to the hall, then back on again.  Jessica loves horses and Philip had laid on a surprise in the form of two huge Suffolk Punches pulling a carriage to finish their journey to the Elms … which the bus driver failed to see.  They caught up with us eventually and the staff at Elms Barn were typically efficient in dealing with the slightly delayed proceedings.  The sun even put in a brief appearance for us at the end of the day.

Congrats Mr & Mrs. Gass !


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