Day 2 of 3 and a little closer to home today, just a quick hop over the Suffolk border to a favourite venue of mine – Yaxley Hall.  Justina and Ben’s wedding was an Anglo / American affair so for the second time this year I turned up early for some ‘first look’ photos before the ceremony.  After a short service in Music Room it was into the grounds of the hall for canapes and then into the dining hall for their reception.  Later on our friends from over the pond really showed us how to dance !


The photographer excelled in capturing the joy and love of 2 people sharing their wedding with family and friends. The photos are not your common posed pictures. They capture the love of family and friends.

I vote for picure 16! Best wedding event ever.. Best wedding picture taken ever.. Feel free to count my vote..

Photo No. 16 is the best. Thats what we call dancing the nite away American style.