Day One – The Mike Sales Golf Society

The forecast on Friday was for rain … all day.  I have to admit I really was not looking forward to six hours walking round a golf course at The Grove in the rain photographing a group of guys probably feeling the same way.  But by some small miracle the band of rain crossing the country managed to miss us completely and I set out with the first group of golfers under leaden skies.

Mike had invited 28 of his friends and family to join him in a round of golf on the day before the wedding so in order to photograph them all I joined each group for a couple of holes before waiting for the next group to arrive until I ended up with Mike’s group on the back nine in the afternoon.  Golfers are a superstitious lot so on joining each group I was either cursed for bringing them bad luck or praised for the good fortune which arrived when I did.  As Mike’s son Hector won the ‘longest drive’ competition while I was with him, I must surely take some of the credit ..

The Grove has a fantastic course and it was a real pleasure to join each group and get to know them all a little before the wedding the next day.  I used to play golf in my teenage years and spending the day out on the course has piqued my interest again, maybe a new hobby calls.

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