I think I’ll always remember Simran as ‘that running bride’ … most girls have a morbid fear of letting their dress near the smallest bit of dirt or dampness – not Simran.  We were behind schedule due to someone being 30 minutes late at the church so we had just 20 minutes to do some couple shots in the beautiful gardens of the Abbey House in Malmesbury.  Simran knew where she wanted to go and she was off, with Peter and I trailing in her wake.

Dodging the showers the rest of the day went according to plan and everyone had a great time in a quite unusual setting.  Congrats Mr & Mrs Day !


These photos are also on Facebook for your tagging pleasure : Abbey House Gardens Wedding


Lovely shots Duncan, and I think that’s Wroughton church. I was married there. Most of my family originates from the village. Unfortunately my Father and uncle took our shots, as budget was low. I can wholehearted and honestly urge couples to use a prof photographer from personal experience. They did a great job, but just lacked that beautiful, artistic edge you get with a professional. As you can no doubt work out, that’s my career now. Anyway, just wanted to pass on some admiration!

Thanks Caroline, it is Wroughton church – unfortunately a pro photographer wouldn’t have improved your photos in the church much, the current vicar doesn’t allow any !

Good work Duncan. It takes a sharp eye to see some of these scenes. The champagne glass in the car for example. Many photographers would have missed that one.