This post is ridiculously long, sorry about that.  My wife Suzanne Fossey is also a photographer and while we normally work alone we teamed up last Friday to shoot Ruth and Paul’s wedding together – so there’s a bit from both of us here, and as it was the groom’s band’s last gig I thought I should throw in a few more photos than normal.

Suzanne went with Ruth and girls in the morning while I popped over to The Tithe Barn to catch Paul’s rehearsal with his band.  After a service in the lovely (but very dark) St. Mary’s at Ditcham it was off to the barn for the rest of the day.


Duncan, Suzanne,
For once I am totally speechless!!!! These pictures (and the full set) are totally amazing and have completely blown our expectations out of the water!!! They capture the emotion and feelings of the day so perfectly and there are so many gorgeous moments we never even knew about until we saw the images. These truly are memories that we will treasure forever 🙂 And we just loved spending the time we did with you on the day – we had so much fun and loved how genuine and warm you both are and how comfortable you made us feel. ‘Thank you’ doesn’t quite seem to cut but hopefully get the gist of it!!! Ruth & Paul x