This photo from Emma and Stuart’s Trinity College wedding was recently chosen as photo of the day over on the Wedding Community Blog

Like all of the Cambridge chapels, Trinity College chapel is a spectacular setting for a marriage ceremony.  The vicar marrying Emma and Stuart was more than accommodating when I asked him for views on photography during the wedding.  “Go anywhere you want, do whatever you like” he said!

I was able to shoot from the front for most of the ceremony which allowed me to capture Emma and Stuart’s expression and emotions with their guests providing the backdrop.  Towards the end of the wedding ceremony, I drifted to the back to get a few shots with a different perspective.  Staurt and Emma followed the vicar to the altar for the blessing and walked into a pool of direct sunlight streaming down from the windows above.  I dropped down low to catch some reflections in the polished floor of the chapel to make the most of the dramatic light.

wedding at trinity college