Royal Aeronautical Society Wedding Photography

The weather forecast for the weekend had looked ominous for days – thunderstorms all afternoon and evening.  It certainly would have been memorable but instead we were treated to a brilliant summer’s afternoon and the rain only came when we were safely tucked up inside.  Rowena and David had a very intimate ceremony at Marylebone Old Town Hall with just their close family as witnesses and then it was into cabs for the quick hop over to The Royal Aeronautical Society in Hamilton Place.  With the unexpected good weather we were able to have a quick wander around Green Park for some photos, and a stroll back in time to greet the guests for their evening party.  A highlight of the day for me was the speeches, all very good, but Rowena’s hilarious welcome speech has to place in the top 3 I’ve heard in my almost 10 years of shooting weddings.  I think it would have been a contender for best ever, but I have to score her down for using notes 🙂

Congrats Rowena and David !

marylebone road street sign

guests waiting for the ceremony in marylebone registry office

the grooms sister laughing with the groom

a baby looking over the ceremony table

the bride enters the ceremony room at marylebone registry office

the bride smiles at the groom at the start of their wedding ceremony

bride and groom share a joke during the ceremony

rowena and david smile at each other

the best man hands david the wedding ring

rowena places the wedding ring on davids finger

bride and groom at the end of the marriage ceremony

bride and groom sign the wedding register

a happy bride and groom at marylebone town hall

david speaks to his grandmother after the wedding ceremony

a group photo on the steps of marylebone town hall

a guest looks up for rain

the brides father hails a taxi

bride and groom in the taxi

a couple portrait in the grasses at Green Park in London

relaxed couple portrait in a deckchair

rowena and david walk through green park

shooting through the sculptures in green park

wedding couple sitting on a bench

black and white wedding couple in green park london

the happy couple sitting on a wall

david and rowena walk through london with a routemaster bus in the background

arriving at the royal aeronautical society

the view up the staircase

the bride talks to her guests

the groom chats with the guests outside

champagne served at an RAS wedding

guests arrive at the wedding

wedding guests talking outside

creative shot of wedding guests under the canopy

the groom laughs with a guest on the ras balcony

looking down the stairwell at the ras

mother of the bride chatting

wedding guests talking with the royal aeronautical society building in the background

bride and groom greeting guests

underneath the canopy at the royal aeronautical society

guests enjoying cocktail hour

two wedding guests chatting

detail shot of the wedding menu

looking out of the royal aeronautical society onto the terrace

bride and groom enter for the speeches

rowena reads her speech to the guests

the groom smiling at the brides speech

the bride reads her speech

wide shot of the wedding guests enjoying rowenas speech

the brides speech with guests in the backgound

the bride and groom hug after her speech

the father of the brides speech

the bride listens to her fathers speech

the best mans speech at a royal aeronautical society wedding

the groom listens to the best mans speech

the grooms speech

the grooms father listens smiling as the groom speaks

the grooms family listen to his speech

the groom speaks with the best man laughing in the background

the bride hugs her friends

guests talk in the evening under the canopy

some energetic dancing at the royal aeronautical society

wedding guests dancing

the bride chats with evening guests

the groom takes to the dancefloor

bride and groom embrace on the dancefloor

the bride makes a funny face as she embraces a guest

funny guests at the royal aeronautical society

the groom dances with a tall friend

mother and father of the groom dance

the best man was also the dj


Love it! Looks like a fun day, beautifully captured.