Another week and another one of my photos was featured, this time as photo of the week by Bride Magazines.

wedding photo of the week in bride magazine

As is often the case for summer weddings, I had decided to hold off on Anna and Tom’s couple photos until the sun was a little lower in the sky which gives much more flattering light to work with.

Their Suffolk wedding was being held in Tom’s parent’s field and a section had been left unmowed to let the grasses and wildflowers come up.  The sun was setting so I had to work quickly, a bit too quickly as I discovered later that while switching lenses I had left one in the field!  While everyone else was enjoying the wedding breakfast I was outside in the failing light trying to find my lost lens!  I was very happy to find it before it got too dark.

And of course I’m very happy to see my work on the Bride Magazine website!