Feline Care Part 8 – Helen’s Kittens

Helen has some more little bundles of joy ready for adoption - how can you resist them? If you are looking for some kittens to give a home contact Helen through her facebook page here Half owl, half cat? To see the other sessions I have done at Feline Care click here

Feline Care Part 7 – May 2015

Usually when I visit Feline Care I'm trying to capture as many of the indoor cats as I can, this month I decided to focus on some of the outdoor residents - well the ones that would let me get close enough to photograph them ... Love was in the air... Molly was desperate for me to see her new kittens! ...

Feline Care Part 5 – March 2015

Time for another visit to Feline Care, not many new residents so I took a few more of some of their servants... To see the other sessions I have done at Feline Care click here

Feline Care Part 4 – Helen’s Little Cat Diaries

I took another trip to see Helen who fosters kittens for Feline Care, you can check out her facebook page here Her current crop are four lovely black and white kittens -¬†Eve, Esme, Ethan and Edmund.   On hand to help out was Helen's dog Jasper, although his assistance was mainly barking and sulking until he was paid attention :) To see ...

Feline Care Part 1 – November 2014

Anyone unfortunate enough to receive my Facebook feed will have been flooded with photos of the two kittens we picked up a couple of weeks ago. We originally started looking for people online that were giving away kittens but then we decided to look at cat rescue centres instead. We found Feline Care Cat Rescue just down the road from us in East Harling and fell in love with a couple of their ...