Wedding Details

Wedding Details Form

  • Names of other people involved with the organisation of the day - bridesmaids / best men, etc.
  • Full address including postcode
  • Enter 'as above' if the ceremony is at the same address
  • Enter 'as above' if the receptions is at the same address
  • Please detail the times of the major events of the day, from the time you would like me to start until the time that I leave your wedding.
  • Please list the formal group photos that you would like taken. Allow a time budget of 3-4 minutes per group. I recommend around 10 groups at most to not overly impact on your day. To avoid confusion and delays on the wedding day, please detail the names of each person in the group - rather than 'Brides father' or 'Grooms friends'
  • My usual mix of B&W and colour photos is mainly based upon the lighting conditions at different parts of the day. If you choose 'mostly colour' please be aware that some photos may have a strange colour cast due to artificial lighting present at the time
  • Any other details of the day which you think I should be aware of. Suprises for guests, etc
  • Weddings sometimes do not run to schedule - if this is the case on your day, and you have planned for me to finish after a specific event such as the first dance, then ticking the box below authorises me to stay on until that event is complete without asking you for the decision on the day. Overtime is £150 per hour, billed by the 1/2 hour.

  • Your suppliers

    It's great to be able to share details of suppliers with who you have had a great experience with other couples. Please leave details of the supplier's name or website below, thanks!

  • Entertainers, daytime musicians, accomodation, etc. Add new rows by pressing the + symbol on the end of the last row.
    SupplierName / website