Gressenhall Museum Wedding Photography

After a few weddings away it was great to be back home for a Norfolk wedding, and one just down the road from me as well.  The wedding reception was being held at Trixie’s parents home near Dereham and I started here to catch the last of Trixie’s preparations.   Trixie was planning to travel to the wedding at Gressenhall in the family’s Landrover so the first job was to dress it with ribbons for the journey.  The car sorted, the girls could focus on their own preparations, including a necklace for Trixie that has been in the family for many years – as evidenced by a family portrait in the hallway!

It was my first time for a Gressenhall Museum wedding, the chapel was easy to find to the left of the main building where I found Ben greeting his guests.  Trixie arrived shortly after in the Landrover and after a quick chat with registrars, it was off to the chapel to get married.  Although the chapel was obviously an old religious building it’s no longer consecrated and the wedding was to be a civil ceremony.  Ben was emotional as Trixie walked it, a little wipe of his eyes and we were good to go, into a very relaxed and happy ceremony.  After the wedding, there was time for a couple of quick portraits in the Gressenhall grounds behind the chapel and then a quick chat with the guests before Trixie and Ben took to the sports car that Ben had built himself.

The guests headed off to the reception while I followed Trixie and Ben to Dereham windmill, Dereham has a windmill, who knew!  They wanted a few moments to chill together after the bustle of the ceremony and I took a few shots and left them for their alone time.  A short while later they arrive at the reception, driving through a wall of confetti to join their guests for the champagne reception.  The marquee was a tight squeeze in the garden, with the pièce de résistance inside being another of Ben’s self-made creations – huge letters commanding the guests to dance at the edge of the dance floor.  He’s a man of many talents.  The weather outside was cloudy but warm, a perfect lazy day for a summer wedding party.

Following the wedding breakfast came the speeches and cake cutting – a giant version of Ben’s favourite French Fancy and then it was time to hit the dance floor for their rehearsed first dance routine.  Which Ben promptly messed up.  So they restarted … and Ben messed up again.  Another restart … eventually the dance came off without a flaw, ending with a spectacular lift.  What a great Norfolk wedding.  Congrats Trixie and Ben!


a marquee at a family home for a norfolk wedding the bride dresses the landrover for the journey to her wedding at gressenhall trixie applies her makeup the brides sister checks her hair the brides mother helps with the bridesmaid dresses a family portrait showing the brides necklace the brides mother holds the brides necklace trixies mum helping her with the necklace bride and mother share a moment during the preparations guests gathering before a gressenhall wedding the groom greets guests at the gressenhall chapel ben greets some children before the ceremony guests outside the gressenhall chapel the groom talks to guests inside the chapel guests chat in the aisle of gressenhall chapel a wide shot of the chapel before the ceremony guests chatting before the ceremony guests arriving at gressenhall ribbons on the wedding sports car the bride arrives in her landrover discovery the bride and her father in the wedding car the bride and her wedding party before a gressenhall ceremony trixie walks to the ceremony trixie and her father outside the gressenhall chapel walking down the aisle trixie and ben meet at the fron of the chapel the groom wipes away a tear bride and groom inside the gressenhall chapel trixie and ben holding hands a wedding ceremony at gressenhal museum the best man drops off the rings bride and groom exchange rings trixie and ben laugh during the ceremony a reading during the ceremony bride and groom embrace the grooms family look on during the ceremony the signing of the register The wedding party at the front of the church guest take photos bride and groom walk down the aisle at gressenhall chapel leaving the chapel a couple portrait at gressenhall a couple portrait behind the chapel at gressenhall a couple portrait at gressenhall the brides necklace bride and groom walk to their wedding car bride and groom in their robin hood wedding car the guests wave them off the wedding car drives through the grounds of gressenhall bride and groom in front of dereham windmill bride and groom pose in fron of dereham windmill buying a coffee in the shop cheers in the dereham windmill shop guests wait at the wedding reception with confetti in hand three guests walk down the drive trixie and ben drive through the confettii confetti inside the wedding car bride and groom get their first drinks flowers and the grooms hat on the car children play inside the wedding car a pageboy hugs the family dog in the marquee wedding guests chat in the driveway the groom talks to his guests guests chatting before the wedding breakfast children play swingball in the garden the bride chats with guests a guest messes about with the grooms sword the groom stands behind his homemade lighting display ben shows off his lighting to the guests bride and groom on a bridge in the garden waitresses prepare the giant french fancy cake guests arrive in the marquee a detail shot of the wedding cake guests walk to the marquee bride and groom on a tandem bicycle bride and groom kiss outside the marquee trixie and ben walk into the marquee bride and groom enter the marquee for the wedding breakfast a guest kisses his baby the wedding harpist in the marquee bride and groom at the top table guests play with a baby outside the marquee a guest talks to the brides mother guests enjoying the wedding breakfast a list of times for a bet on the speeches bride and groom embrace at the top table the brides fathers speech the grooms speech the bride laughs at the grooms speech the grooms speech a card trick during the best mans speech trixie and ben cut the cake some guests admire bens lighting the couples first dance ben messes up the first dance take two for the first dance trixie and ben in front of the lights more first dance ben lifts trixie at the end of the first dance


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