Maidens Barn Wedding Photographer

about a boy …

There’s going to be a lot of photos of a particular young man at this Maidens Barn wedding – my brief was to make sure I got a lot of shots of Jenny and Paul’s son Ethan.  It wasn’t difficult, he likes to make himself known and be where the action is.  The first shot below was as I was getting my cameras out of my bag seconds after arrival to photograph the girls preparations.  Ooh a camera!  I’d better pose!  You’ll see him a lot over the course of the wedding day!

After spending an hour or so with the girls I headed over to the Saracen’s Head pub in Great Dunmow to hook up with Paul and the boys … and Ethan of course!  It was soon time to go and we all headed over to the barn to set up and for Paul to meet the registrars.

my first introduction to jenny and pauls son the girls all sitting round the table doing their makeup a bridesmaids dress hanging with the brides dress in the background the bride applying her makeup the brides son shoots a toy gun the bride has her hair styled a reflective look on the brides face the brides sister watches her the bride reflected in a mirror during the preparations the wedding dress with the bride in the background the bride in a long mirror the girls flowers stored in the play room with toys all around the groom trying to dress his son the groom takes a drink with his son on his lap the groom and his son in the saracens head pub in great dunmow the grooms son between the grooms legs


the wedding ceremony at Maidens Barn

When we arrived at Maidens Barn the weather couldn’t have been more perfect – a still summers day with just a scattering of clouds. The barn was looking great inside and out and guests started to arrive in two’s and three’s.  Before we knew it everyone had arrived including Jenny and the girls and it was into the ceremony room for the wedding to begin.  Jenny looked ecstatic walking down the aisle on her father’s arm, Ethan kept everyone entertained during the short ceremony, of course!  A quick first pump from Paul sealed the deal before it was time to go out into the sunlight for a quick sprint through the guests armed with bubbles.


a wide shot of maidens barn in essex lanterns and rose petals line the aisle guests arrive before the wedding guests chat in the sunshine before the ceremony looking through the gates at maidens barn the bride arrives at maidens barn in a white london taxi the bride leaves her taxi with the bridesmaids the groom and his best men speak to the guests maidens barn just before the wedding ceremony the groom greets his guests the groom plays with his son before the wedding ceremony a nervous groom plays with his fingers the bridemaid smiles at the groom as she walks down the aisle the bride beams at the groom as she walks down the aisle with her father bride and groom peek nervously at each other during their maidens barn wedding ceremony the couples son presents me with a post it note the vows during a maidens barn wedding the best man presents the rings a proud groom places the brides ring the first kiss guests chat after the ceremony the couple kiss before signing the register signing the register at maidens barn in essex the guests all take photos guests laughing in the ceremony room bride and groom smile at the end of the their ceremony and then walk down the aisle smiling at their guests walking through bubbles in the sunshine walking through bubbles in the sunshine


a glorious summer afternoon

The sun was blazing for the drinks reception in the courtyard at Maidens Barn and the ceremony room was quickly turned around into a bar to help keep everyone cool.  In fact, it was so sunny I suggested we leave the couple and group photos until later in the day to avoid too much squinting – I’ll quite often suggest this at very sunny weddings, there’s usually plenty of opportunities later on.  So I busied myself shooting some details of the room and delicious looking cake and back outside mingling with guests in the summer sunshine.


The bride greets her guests inside the barn a bar has been set up the dining room laid out at maidens barn a table caught in beam of sunlight a naked wedding cake the best man talks to guests outside the best man and wedding guests children play inside maidens barn looking out of the barn at a group of wedding guests children playing inside a bridesmaid talks to her family wedding guests sitting in the sunshine wedding guests chat in the sun the bride poses for photos with her guests a detail shot from inside the barn the wedding guests enjoying the august sunshine bride and groom in the maidens barn courtyard guests chat outside maidens barn


into the wedding breakfast

Time to escape the sun for a bit and head indoors for the wedding breakfast and some more entertainment from Ethan, ably assisted by a roving table magician.  After the speeches Jenny, Paul and I headed out into the grounds for a few couple photos against the backdrop of a spectacular sunset before rejoining the guests for a group shot of everyone and then back inside for the first dance.  A perfect end to a balmy summer Maidens Barn wedding day.  Congrats Jenny and Paul!


the groom laughs with his son guests sit down for the wedding breakfast the bride and her son just before they enter the wedding breakfast bride and groom enter the room the brides parents at the top table wedding guests chat the bride and groom watch the magician enjoying the magic tricks the wedding photographer caught in a guests phone children gather round a guest to look at his phone the bride and grooms son sitting in front of a love heart the father of the brides speech the bride listening to her fathers speech a grooms speech at maidens barn the bride listens in the best mans speech a best man speaks at maidens barn the mother of the groom during the speeches a silhouette sunset portrait at a maidens barn weddingthe couple kiss all the guests outside the barn the groom is pulled by two children the first dance jenny and paul dance with their son


Your work is absolutely stunning! Found you listed on a top 50 UK wedding photographer site and naturally had to follow up, I wasn’t disappointed. Wonderful photography!