Hi, I’m Duncan. For the last eleven years I’ve had the rare privilege of documenting the best days of other people’s lives … 354 of them to be precise.  It’s a responsibility I do not take lightly and I put my heart and soul into every commission I take.

I have filled this site with images I love. Get in touch if you love them too.

I’m a Norfolk wedding photographer but I’m happy to travel all over the country with my wedding photography and relish working in new locations.

No wedding is too big or small, grand or discreet Рmy work has taken me into Europe, America and .. Blackpool, at celebrations in barns and windmills, tepees and ch̢teaus, city centres and woodland groves and everywhere inbetween.


I live with my wife Suzanne and furbabies cats George and Moshi in the beautiful (if flat) Norfolk countryside where we dream of one day building our own house from strawbales.  We like to live an outdoor life as much as possible and given where we live we relish every opportunity to get away to the hills and mountains.  I’m serious about my craft, but very little else ..