Summer Wedding Photography

Everyone’s favourite time to be married, long days, short nights, let the good times roll.

Bruisyard Hall Wedding Photography – Caroline and Giles

Another scorcher at the weekend for Caroline and Giles’ summer wedding at Bruisyard Hall in Suffolk. After a last minute text from Caroline on the way to her preparations I changed course to start with Giles who was getting ready with his groomsmen at the Brudenell Hotel on the seafront inSee more »

Sussex Barn Wedding – Aarohi and David

I had been looking forward to this Indian / Western fusion wedding ever since I met up with Aarohi and David last October for an engagement shoot in the woods at Sandringham. Aarohi had promised a colourful and lively affair and their Sussex Barn wedding certainly didn’t disappoint! TheSee more »

A Voewood Wedding – Josie and Duncan

From the hustle of central London last weekend to the North Norfolk secluded idyll that is Voewood this weekend. Josie and Duncan couldn’t have asked for better weather for their Voewood wedding, well perhaps a few degrees cooler might have made things a little more comfortable … I hadSee more »

Corinthia Hotel London Wedding – Anastasia and Alan

There’s only one way to describe this Corinthia hotel wedding – non stop! Other words might include epic, amazing, pink! and maybe a little drunken… It was a glorious summer day in central London for Anastasia and Alan’s Russian / Scottish wedding. Being in the middle ofSee more »

A Kimberley Hall Wedding – Keely and James

It looked like a damp day was in prospect when I arrived for Keely and James’ wedding at Kimberley Hall but luckily the weather had better ideas and before their ceremony the rain stopped and we were given a very warm summer wedding. As I arrived Keely and her mum were putting the finishingSee more »

A Wedding at The Hoste – Adele and Richard

Very much a family affair last weekend, Adele and Richard kept things small for their wedding at The Hoste in Burnham Market – just 10 people in total!See more »

Preston Court Wedding Photography – Sam and Gez

An Essex crowd at a Kent wedding, it was always going to a raucous affair, so many selfies … 🙂 Things were pretty chaotic when I arrived to catch the last of the boy’s preparations in Sandwich, and Gez quickly escaped to go and pick up his car. Which happened to be right next to whereSee more »

Megan and Mike’s Missing Sock Wedding

Nobody lost a sock, The Missing Sock is the name of the eccentric venue near Cambridge Megan and Mike chose for their wedding reception. Earlier in the day I met up with Mike and his brother for a nerve settling pint at The Greyhound in Chevington, before popping down the road to catch the last ofSee more »

Gaynes Park Wedding Photography – Becca and Chris

The second wedding of the weekend was again in Essex, Becca and Chris were celebrating their wedding at Gaynes Park near Epping. The weather had cooled a little from Saturday and there was a sniff of rain in the air. Becca and Chris were both getting ready on site so I flitted between them asSee more »

Arlington Ballroom Wedding – Charlotte and Casey

A stripper improves any wedding, right? That seems to have been the train of thought of Casey’s best men at his and Charlotte’s Arlington Ballroom wedding at the weekend, but more of that later… After a week of rain Saturday was a scorcher, already up to 30 degrees when I arrivedSee more »

A Guernsey Wedding – Jessica and Andrew

It must be pretty tough to get lost on an island five miles wide eh? If you’re travelling to Guernsey think again! After landing on Friday, my first thought was to go recce Jessica’s parents place and the church – I pretty soon realised that Guernsey postcodes don’t match upSee more »

Sophie and Iain’s Norfolk Wedding

It’s always an honour to be asked to photograph a mates wedding. Iain and I used to go skiing together back in the day and it was great to hear from him last year to talk about covering his wedding to Sophie at the magnificent church in Salle. The weather was looking a little ropey on theSee more »

Sharon and Jon’s Voewood Wedding

Voewood was looking spectacular as always in the July sunshine when I arrived for Sharon and Jon’s North Norfolk wedding. Sharon wasn’t quite ready for me so I amused myself getting some of the details of this eclectically decorated venue and the early guests. After a few shots withSee more »

Tuddenham Mill Wedding – Asni and Giles

One of the most chilled weddings I think I’ve been to, Asni and Giles held their ceremony and reception in the beautiful grounds of Tuddenham Mill in Suffolk. Everything went smooth and by the numbers, OK there was a little rain but only during the wedding breakfast allowing everyone backSee more »

The Prince and Princess of Cromer – Helen and Sean

A mammoth blog post for a mammoth day! 2 ceremonies, 9 flowergirls and page boys, 1 dog, 33 degrees!, a beautiful church, selfies during the hymns, a trip to the beach and the clifftop, a singing groom, 33 degrees!, a garden marquee, rocking band and fireworks. What more can I say? Amazing daySee more »

Southwood Hall Wedding – Laura and Luke

There’s a curious tradition at Southwood Hall, couples are encouraged to cremate and bury a sausage in the grounds on the day before their wedding to bring good luck with the weather the following day, they even have a special trowel dedicated to the act. Laura and Luke must have carried outSee more »

St Albans Cathedral Wedding – Ginny and Alistair

My last wedding of the summer before we head into autumn and it was off to Hertfordshire for Ginny and Alistair’s wedding in the magnificent St. Albans Abbey and Cathedral. Ginny and the girls were getting ready at her parents home just north of the town and later we would be returning forSee more »

Norfolk Wedding Photography – Helen and Bobby

A great day down on the farm for Helen and Bobby’s wedding last weekend. I caught the end of Helen’s preparations and the start of the tears at the farm and it was off into the centre of Kings Lynn to the town hall for the ceremony. The outside was a bit of state with roadworksSee more »

Katie and Mike’s Gaynes Park Wedding

Another beautiful summer’s day for Katie and Mike’s wedding photography at Gaynes Park last week. A little break with tradition with the speeches immediately following the ceremony meant a stress free afternoon for all and into a balmy summer evening with a beautiful sunset. CongratsSee more »

Blickling Hall Wedding Photographer – Catharine and Richey

My first time for a wedding at Blickling Hall and another glorious summers day ahead.  I met Catharine for her finishing touches at the Saracen’s Head in Wolterton and also met the first few of the many kids that were coming to the wedding … Then it was off to Blicking Hall in aSee more »

Herefordshire Wedding Photography – Vanessa and Peter

Just the most stunning spot to get married – deep in the Herefordshire hills, close to the Welsh border, lies Vanessa’s parent’s farmhouse where Vanessa and Peter held their wedding.  Vanessa was a little (a lot) camera shy, so I decided to take a few shots of the surroundingsSee more »

Gaynes Park Wedding – Natalie and Steve

Another blazing day last Thursday for Natalie and Steve’s Gaynes Park wedding, I arrived on time … Natalie didn’t, so I amused myself capturing some details in the heat before the girls arrived. Steve treated us to few tears as Natalie walked up the aisle towards the Orangery andSee more »

Great Fosters Wedding Photography – Donna and Adam

Meet Donna, a little lady with a big smile and an even bigger dress – so big it needed a ladder to hold it up … After a few preparation shots with Donna and her family, it was off into the heat of the day to Ascot to meet Adam at St Francis catholic church.  The forecast all week hadSee more »

Coverwood Lakes Wedding – Eleanor and Tom

‘the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray’ … especially when the unpredictable British weather plays a hand.  Eleanor and Tom’s carefully planned schedule went out of the window pretty early on and it’s to their credit that it didn’t phase them at allSee more »

Laura and Russ’s Handmade Wedding

What. A. Wedding ! Why handmade ?  Because apart from the delicious fish and chips and myself everything else at Laura and Russ’s Kent wedding was provided, played and made by their themselves, their friends and family.  They had spent twelve hours on Friday at St. Mary’s church gettingSee more »

Gunthorpe Hall Wedding Photos Lara Mark

Gunthorpe Hall Wedding Photographer – Lara and Mark

I love photographing weddings at Gunthorpe Hall, it’s set in gorgeous grounds and the beautiful hall itself has been decorated in eclectic and occasionally eccentric style by the ever welcoming Marie and Jeremy.  It was the perfect setting for Lara and Mark’s wedding.  Everyone had beenSee more »

Gate Street Barn Wedding – Sian and Lee

Monday’s wedding left me drained – Sian and Lee had such an action packed and emotional day that I was constantly on edge worried that I would miss something.  Sian and Lee are both musicians and Sian remembered me from a wedding we both worked at 5 years ago. Everyone had been asked toSee more »

Suffolk Wedding Alice and Jonathan

Suffolk wedding photographer – Alice and Jonathan

A trip down to Bures in Suffolk for me last weekend for Alice and Jonathan’s summer wedding  – although the weather felt a little more autumnal than of late.  Everything was almost in one location – Alice’s parent’s house is right next to the church and I started hereSee more »

Norwich Assembly House Wedding – Anna and Jon

Another wedding with an international flavour this weekend – Anna is British, Jon’s American and they met and have been living in Japan for the last few years.  They returned to Norwich for their wedding at the magnificent Assembly House on another perfect summer’s day inSee more »

London Wedding Photographer – Rowena and David

The weather forecast for the weekend had looked ominous for days – thunderstorms all afternoon and evening.  It certainly would have been memorable but instead we were treated to a brilliant summer’s afternoon and the rain only came when we were safely tucked up inside.  Rowena andSee more »

Amber and Baker’s Outdoor Wedding

The Americans took over a small part of Norfolk at the weekend .. Amber and Baker flew in from New York with their family and friends for their wedding at Baker’s aunt’s home Gunthorpe Hall. After a few weeks of unbroken sunshine an overcast day provided some relief from the heat butSee more »

Norfolk Wedding Photography at Cley Mill – Katie and David

This wedding was a long time coming – I actually met with Katie and David in 2011 when they booked me for their wedding in July 2012.  A few months later Katie contacted me to tell me that the wedding was off – she was pregnant and the due date was going to be in July … but theySee more »

Godwick Great Barn Wedding – Kate and Ben

Godwick Hall is a new venue for me, but with a familiar wedding coordinator – Miranda is a former client whose wedding I photographed a few years ago now.  Thanks for putting Kate and Ben in touch ! I began with Kate and the girls who were getting ready in the fantastic accommodation atSee more »

Sophie and Ben’s Gaynes Park Wedding

Bookings don’t come much more last minute than this one … Sophie and Ben contacted me on Sunday evening, to work at their wedding on the Tuesday.  Their original photographer had been hurt in an accident and of course I was happy to help.  After arriving with the (very relieved) girlsSee more »

Chrissie and Michael’s Pembroke College Wedding

To say Saturday’s Cambridge wedding was a little wet, would be like saying the Sahara was a little dry … but Pembroke College is a beautiful place inside and out so Chrissie and Michael still had a great day and not one the guests are likely to forgetSee more »

Charlotte and Craig’s Wedding at Maison Talbooth

Another summer weather report – mostly raining, but with fantastic evening sunshine.  My first time covering a full day wedding at Maison Talbooth, I’ve shot weddings where they held the ceremony there, but then moved on to Le Talbooth for the reception.  Charlotte and Craig wanted aSee more »

Gemma and James at Nonsuch Mansion

Rain the forecast said, as per usual … but somehow it passed either side of Nonsuch Mansion for the wedding of Gemma and James.  We hadn’t met before the day, but while we had wandered away for some couple shots Gemma said they had booked me for more fun wedding photos, and theirSee more »

Helen and Martin’s Folly Farm Wedding

Just another day down on the farm – Folly Farm near Bristol to be precise, a really lovely relaxed venue for a wedding with great views out over the rolling countryside of the Chew Valley.  Helen and Martin held their whole wedding there, with their ceremony in the Oak Room and theirSee more »

Simran and Peter’s Wedding at The Abbey House

I think I’ll always remember Simran as ‘that running bride’ … most girls have a morbid fear of letting their dress near the smallest bit of dirt or dampness – not Simran.  We were behind schedule due to someone being 30 minutes late at the church so we had just 20See more »

Elms Barn Wedding – Jessica and Philip

Just half an hour from home last Saturday for Jessica and Philip’s Elms Barn wedding.  After the girls preparations in the bridal suite at the Elms I hopped on their vintage routemaster with the bridesmaids for the quick hop over to the bright and airy St. Andrews in the grounds ofSee more »

Somerleyton Hall Wedding Photography – Bryony and Richard

Last weekend brought a welcome drop in temperature from the previous scorcher and it was another local Suffolk wedding for me at the beautiful Somerleyton Hall.  The girls were getting ready in the honeymoon lodge at Fritton Lake, a lovely spot hidden in the trees.    It was then off to the hall toSee more »

St Johns College Wedding Photographer – Sonali and Imran’s Wedding

The next day was sunshine and showers again a little closer to home in Cambridge. Sophie and Imran were married at the magnificent St. Johns College chapel and then walked through the backs to Nevilles’s Court in Trinity College.  After drinks and canapes accompanied by the Gents of StSee more »

Wasing Park Wedding Photography – Louise and Craig’s Wedding

Rain threatened to stop play on Saturday in Berkshire, but we dodged through the showers to end up with great weather all day.  Louise and Craig held their wedding at Wasing Park, first in St. Nicholas’ church on site and then into the Castle barn for their reception andSee more »

Culford School Wedding – Sarah and Miles’ Wedding Day

Last weekend I was shooting at Culford School for the first time, an absolutely beautiful spot to hold a wedding. I met with Sarah and the girls at Clarice House for preparations, and then over to St Mary’s Church which is in the grounds of the school.  After what must be one of the shortestSee more »

Nottinghamshire Wedding Photography – Sophie and James’ Wedding

Curiously the first time I’ve shot a wedding in Nottinghamshire – I started with the boys in their house right next to the church and then a quick hop over to the girls at Sophie’s parents house for the last of their preparations.  As usual in August these days we were treated toSee more »

A Down Hall Wedding – Laura-Jayne and Daire

Day 3 of 3, my mind is willing but the body is starting to protest ! The sun came out for LJ and Daire for their wedding in Hertfordshire.  I started at Down Hall flitting between the girls and boys preparations then hopped onto a Routemaster bus with the guests to St Josephs and the EnglishSee more »

A Yaxley Hall Wedding – Justina and Ben

Day 2 of 3 and a little closer to home today, just a quick hop over the Suffolk border to a favourite venue of mine – Yaxley Hall.  Justina and Ben’s wedding was an Anglo / American affair so for the second time this year I turned up early for some ‘first look’ photos beforeSee more »

Caradoc Court Wedding – Rebecca and Andy’s Wedding

The weather forecast was grim all week leading up to last Saturday’s Herefordshire wedding and early signs on Saturday were not great.  But just as I finished up the prep photos at Rebecca’s mothers house blue sky was spotted on the horizon and the rest of the day was spent in brilliantSee more »

Suffolk Wedding Photography – Jane and James’ wedding

A very international wedding last weekend – England, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand were all represented.  Jane and James were married at the Swan Hotel in Southwold, with their wedding breakfast in the restaurant there.  Then it was back to their beautiful home and gardens inSee more »

Norfolk Wedding Photographer – Kate and Lewis’s Wedding

Probably the closest wedding to home for me this year, just 30 minutes away on the other side of Norwich.  Kate and Lewis were married in the small country church of St. Andrews’s in Colton and then back to Kate’s parent’s garden for a marqee reception in beautiful surroundings. See more »

A Tentipi Wedding – Poppy and Jim’s big day in Witham

The next day I was in Lincolnshire for Poppy and Jims wedding in beautiful Witham on the Hill.  It was very much a village affair – after a few preparation shots with Poppy at her parents house it was just around the corner to St Andrew’s church where Poppy’s grandfather took partSee more »

Suffolk Weddings – Amy and Oliver’s Wedding at Yaxley Hall

Last weekend we took Amy and Oliver’s engagement photos, this weekend was their wedding. I arrived early at Yaxley Hall for the girl’s preparations, for a change everyone was ready early as Amy and Oliver wanted to take some first look photos – Amy is American and it’s aSee more »

Buckinghamshire Wedding Photography – Rachal and Brendan’s Wedding

Sunshine and showers for last weekends shotgun wedding.  No, no, not that kind of shotgun wedding – Rachal and Brendan had some unique entertainment for their guests, laser clay shooting.  After their ceremony at St Celilia’s in Adstock, they walked next door to the Old Rectory forSee more »

London Wedding Photography – Meera and Ben’s Wedding – Part 2

The second day of Meera and Ben’s wedding was a civil ceremony followed by a reception at the Trafalgar Tavern overlooking the Thames in Greenwich. A big thank you to my partner Suzanne Fossey who came to shoot alongside me at the wedding, the shot of BenSee more »

London Wedding Photography – Meera and Ben’s Wedding – Part One

A two day wedding for me this weekend.  Meera and Ben had their Hindu ceremony on Saturday at the Manor House in Borehamwood, and the next day had a civil ceremony and reception in Greenwich. Part two to follow soon !See more »

Shropshire Wedding Photography – Caroline and Mike’s Wedding

The weather couldn’t make up it’s mind at the weekend – I arrived at Caroline and Mike’s wedding to a torrential downpour, then glorious sunshine, then rain again, eventually it cleared up for everyone to enjoy the glorious surroundings of Elton Hall where they held theSee more »

Cambridge Wedding Photography – Neda and Graham’s Wedding

My second visit to the Cambridge colleges in 2010, this time St. John’s College was the venue for Neda and Graham’s packed day.  After a ceremony in St. John’s chapel, they moved to the Master’s Garden for drinks, then the Great Hall for a Persian ceremony followed by theSee more »

Adele and Ben’s wedding at Hengrave Hall

My first visit to Hengrave Hall and I think it might become a favourite, great venue !  Adele and Ben were married in the church on the grounds and then moved to the main hall for their reception.See more »

Essex Wedding Photography – Rosie and Spencer’s Wedding

The endless summer continues, another beautiful day for Rosie and Spencer’s wedding at All Saints Church, Wrabness and then on to Priory Hall in Hadleigh for a marquee reception.See more »

Norfolk Wedding Photography – Rachael and Paul’s Wedding

A local wedding for me last weekend, Rachael and Paul were married at St Mary & St Margarets Church, Sprowston and the on by very fast car to The Dairy Barns, Hickling for their reception.See more »